The Candid Frame interviews a variety of inspiring photographers.
Ibarionex Perello [host of the show] reached out & here’s what came together!

Great interview, with plenty of George Lange’s incredible stories.

It has been a really insane week.

One of the most hopeless work days ever, followed by one of the brightest. The freelance life.

I love listening to Kate Bush’s, Hounds of Love in the winter. It is built for the cold.

Inspiring words from Mark Mulcahey:

"I feel like I’m getting away with something on some level to keep being able to play shows and do this. I’ve always thought you have to do your own thing. If you have children, you can’t just be the parent the whole time. You have to be something else. Otherwise, you’re not really bringing anything to do it; you’re just this monolith of orders and rules. I’m a happier person to be doing what I’m doing."

Read the full NPR interview here!

Thanks to my good friend and author, Alan Paul, for the shout out about my interview with CBS This Morning on is blog! 

Check it out!


How are you spending YOUR last day of 2013? With family, friends, working, playing? Maybe a day of solitude? Maybe starting the celebration early?

Whether it’s time for a new beginning or an excited continuation of ongoing success, This year has been filled with tiny moments that we sometimes forget to acknowledge! Embrace those moments and continue forward into 2014 with with much appreciation and greatness.

Happy New Year!

My very first assignment after assisting Annie Leibovitz was shooting the Violent Femmes for Rolling Stone. I went to Brooklyn with my one strobe and my one camera, and the light didn’t fire.  I was a mess, but the Femmes were super nice and invited me to their hometown of Milwaukee to shoot them as much as I wanted.   The fee for the whole shoot was $75 and I didn’t have a credit.   So I flew to Chicago, found a place to rent a car with cash, stayed with the drummer, Victor Delorenzo, and they played this song many times while I shot them.  Victor’s wife Karen was pregnant and we all became great friends.

20 years later….I am at a show in NY with a band Brian Ritchie had put together, and he introduces me to the drummer, Malachi Delorenzo (who was in Karen’s belly at the first Milwaukee shoot).   Malachi came to work with me creating playlists for shooting.   He then worked - and continues to work - with Langhorne Slim.   We all watched a Green Bay Packer game this past fall, and Karen gave us the best massages ever!


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Now relax with the family and drink up the eggnog.

There was a period when I was in college that I got really into Ella.   She was a part of my childhood, but that immersion into the Songbooks at RISD was amazing.  She did the definitive recording of so many amazing songs.   She was not fancy.  I don’t think she was that high maintenance.  She just got up there and sang like no other. Before or since.  LOVE Ella!   My boys took her A train, before they ever rode the subway.

The thing that throws you about this is the distortion.

It is like the sun coming out and flaring the lens.
Which is exactly what it feels like leaving work and going out in the sun.